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Suzie - Together @ Femjoy

Suzie - Together @ Femjoy Few models on FEMJOY achieve the love and worship from our members that Ariel and Suzi have achieved. Their comments forms are full of admiring love letters, exclamations of desire, and general awe at their beauty in both photos and videos. And now FEMJOY has brought them together for a lovely moving picture in which you get to see both of them fully naked, touching each other, and sharing their privates with you. What could be better?

Ariel is the redhead, Suzi is the sandy blonde. But if you look at them below the neck, you’re going to see startling similarities. True, Ariel’s breasts are a bit larger. True, Suzi is shaved a little more closely. But beyond that both young women are in the prime of their sensual, physical lives - healthy, erotic, beautiful, shapely, perfect. No man on earth would refuse to spend some quality time with either of these girls in the state in which they appear in this video.

Two beautiful girls, naked, together. Come by moved.

Lulu - Muse @ Femjoy

Lulu - Muse @ Femjoy Lulu has decided to go to the woods for some rest and relaxation. And she wants you to join her!

But this isn’t just any walk in the woods. O, no. Lulu has decided to walk naked, and to let nature touch her in every way. And the video camera is there to capture it all. And so, too, are you.

A verdant green, leafy world surrounds her. She smiles, she stretches, she opens herself to the lens. What a cutey. This girl is as fresh as the morning dew, and the world rejoices in her innocence.

Truly, like the first Eve, Lulu is a muse to all mankind. There are no fears, no shame, no guilt in her limpid face. She is delight personified. To be with this woman is to be happy. To be with her sensually is to experience true ecstasy.

Join Lulu in the woods. She is your muse.

Mabelle - Icarus @ Femjoy

Mabelle - Icarus @ Femjoy It’s early morning. The sun is bouncing off the ocean, filling the sky with oranges and dark blues. The air is warm. It’s a tropical climate. And on a pier jutting out into a calm bay, Mabelle, fully nude, walks. She was awoken early by an urge. The urge to fly.

She is nude because that’s the way nature made her. She is returning to the primal spaces, the intimate feelings. She has nothing to hide, and she knows the camera will capture her every gesture and emotion. It’s time for her to take to the sky to live her dreams.

Perfect, sensual, supple, alive, erotic. That is Mabelle. And as she mounts the wings onto her back and begins to stand and soar, you can see the arousal in her flesh. Her nipples are hard, her skin is electrified, and her pulse is racing. Mabelle is approaching ecstasy.

Come fly with her into the sun.

Adelia - Invitation @ Femjoy

Adelia - Invitation @ Femjoy Most of the models on FEMJOY have one thing in common. No, not their beauty. No, not their nudity. No, not their amazingly bright spirits. Okay. Most of the models on FEMJOY have many things in common, but one of those things is that they shave down below. It seems to be the standard these days for erotic models.

However, now and then a young lady comes along who likes it natural, and we are only so glad to oblige. Such a sweetheart is young Adelia, and you get to see as much of her “natural” state as you could ever wish to in this long, super erotic moving picture. She poses, she prances, she spreads, she bends, she opens. She gives it all to you as she moves around a brightly lit room, enticing you to join her in her celebration of her new-found sensuality.

Ready for some nature?

Katrin - Summer Afternoon @ Femjoy

Katrin - Summer Afternoon @ Femjoy It’s a beautiful summer afternoon in Spain, and Katrin is walking about on the patio of her villa. It’s warm today, so Katrin has decided not to wear any clothes. Perfect, youthful, feminine, she is the image of loveliness. And as she walks on her tiptoes along the pillars, you can almost feel the heavens bowing before her.

This is a not-to-be-missed erotic video. Katrin has a way of moving her body that makes you feel she is ready for you to approach. She has a creamy, smooth, innocent look, and the light this summer afternoon is especially complimentary to her figure.

Come to a romantic get-away with this amazing young model.

Katalin - Home Archives @ Femjoy

Katalin - Home Archives @ Femjoy Here she is. The covergirl that everyone loves - Katalin. Our photo sets of Katalin, of which we have many, have become legendary in FEMJOY lore, because this girl is just plain stunning. She’s got a natural look that few can beat. Her curly dark locks, the flowers in her hair, her robust full breasts, and her perfectly sculpted body have made her a big hit. However, in the end it’s her wild, wonderful spirit that shines through all her work and makes her so appealing.

And now we have a video of her to match her renown as a gorgeous young woman. Katalin has welcomed us into her home and she’s going to show us around…no, not into her living room and bedroom…but into the more private home of her incredible young body. So here she is, posing and stretching, prancing and teasing, as she moves around her front yard, giving us an explicit glimpse into all her bounteous beauty.

This video will, to put it simply, turn you way on.

Jadi - Piano Solo @ Femjoy

Jadi - Piano Solo @ Femjoy Looking as fine as can be, and bathed in a sumptuous late day light, Jadi enters the salon. It’s in a mansion somewhere, and the long lace curtains and fine furniture bespeaks an old world, aristocratic charm that Jadi can easily match with her cat-like looks. And of course, this could be any drawing room in any high end mansion in Europe, save for one thing - Jadi is completely naked, walking directly at the camera. As she literally walks into the lens, a knowing look on her face (and who is looking at her face???), you then zoom around to see that there’s a large grand piano in the room, and you remember this video is called “Piano Solo.” It’s at this point your blood pressure skyrockets.

Yes, Jadi, adorable, sexy, 19 year old Jadi, sits down, fully unclothed, at the piano and begins to play. And what she plays is this stunning original piano solo, and it is full of passion and gorgeous emotion. As her body sways over the keys and the song swells and swells, you swell and swell as well with a desire like you’ve never felt. Not only is this girl feminine perfection in the flesh, she’s also ripe with gorgeous music.

And you know you are in love.

Ornella - Secret Love @ Femjoy

Ornella - Secret Love @ Femjoy Most of the girls you see on erotic sites these days are shaved, and that’s a great thing. But of course it’s not their natural state. So if you’re looking for a model who’s let her hair grow out a bit, check out Ornella in her new video, “Secret Love.”

As we join this peachy maiden, she’s posing on the rocks in lovely mountaintop environment. Stretching beneath the warm sun, her exquisite body glistens and shines, its erotic powers glowing in the heat of the day. And of course, there’s plenty of heat on our end, too, as we enjoy her opening her legs and showing us her fuzzy secret.

The camera is extra careful to give us plenty of long looks at her hairy private, and what a vision it is. So full and ripe and round, just like the Good Lord made it.

Check out this video if you’ve been longing for an intimate look at a beautiful model with some deliciously hairy secrets!

Ksusha - Sense and Sensibility @ Femjoy

Ksusha - Sense and Sensibility @ Femjoy Ksusha and Rimma are two models who have posed quite a bit together on our site. They both hail from Latvia, and they are both examples of the incredible beauty coming out of Eastern Europe these days. Neither of them are professional models, choosing only to pose for FEMJOY as they split their time between school and family and the desire to travel. But in all the many times these two models have been on a shoot together, nothing happened like happens in this video. We can call it kissing, but it’s so much more than that.

Who knows what came over them? It wasn’t even at the suggestion of the videographer. But if you download this incredibly lush and sensual film, you will see two virginal maidens discovering a taste for teach other’s tongues. It clearly takes them by surprise. And they clearly like it. And they are O so clearly happy to let us watch as they investigate to the fullest reaches of their desire.

This is erotic film with the power to change your fantasies forever.

Kylie - Stockings Out @ Femjoy

Kylie - Stockings Out @ Femjoy Kylie is alone in her room. It’s a small, private room in the attic of the house. Sun is pouring in the ceiling window, and Kylie is ready to be warmed. Things are in fact heating up. Kylie is wearing a tiny pair of panties, a small little spaghetti-strap top, and some white bobby socks. But of course, all that is coming off the instant this video starts.

Kylie loves to take her clothes off for the camera. You can see that the minute the video starts. She savors every small revelation. First one breast, then another, and slowly the panties come off. But the bobby socks stay on. It’s all about the socks.

You have not see a gorgeous sensual model sharing herself with passion until you’ve seen Kylie fully nude in this sizzling strip tease video.